Ever since I listened, entranced, to my grandmother’s stories as a little boy, storytelling has been my passion. When I entered the world of work it also became my career. I worked for six years in advertising and then for almost ten, in the TV industry.

In 2004 I began to tell my own stories. I followed my muse to write a book, The Mango Orchard, which was published in several languages, to critical acclaim around the world. Following the success of the book I was commissioned to write a film screenplay, worked in journalism and began working with other writers to help them tell their stories.

The idea for Wedding Speech Guru came about when a best man asked for my help the night before a friend’s wedding five years ago. He had a long speech – mainly culled from joke websites – written out on numerous sheets of A4. It was clear that he had written the speech he thought he should write rather than one that came from him. I asked him to tell me about the groom and how they had become friends. He told me a string of fabulous stories – hilarious and touching – none of which had been included in his draft. Using his stories, we put the speech together, and then rehearsed and rehearsed until he felt confident. At the reception the next evening he delivered a brilliant speech, astounding everyone, not least himself.

Increasingly, friends and then friends of friends started to ask me to help them with their speeches. I found I loved helping people find their voice and make speeches that they never believed they’d be capable of.

I’ve always had an interest in weddings. I helped to set up Wedding TV in 2007 and became a registered minister so I could marry some friends in Palm Springs. I have also been best man five times.

In addition to helping people with their wedding speeches, I am also a fully trained life coach and help all members of the wedding party cope with the stress of planning and preparing for a wedding.

I look forward to seeing how I can help you.

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