How It Works

I work in partnership with you to find and perfect the story you want to tell in your wedding speech.

The first step is to have a chat on the phone. This is completely free and allows me to work out where you are in the speech process, and gives you a chance to see how I operate before you commit. Together we’ll agree which elements need attention – the researching, writing, editing or delivery.

For those who are struggling to get going, I will usually ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire. This will give me a more rounded understanding of what you want to say, and allow us to work on the details of the speech from the beginning of the first session.

Just as every speech is different, so is the way I work with every wedding speaker. Most speakers will fall into one or two of the following categories.

Basic Speech Review

If you already have written a speech and would like to get expert feedback, I will go through your draft and assess how it could be made stronger. I offer edits and suggestions for structure and flow, tone and additional opportunities for humour. Included in the review is a one hour meeting to discuss the changes.

Speech Starter

I will give you a structure and provide you with a comprehensive guide to how to gather material. Once you have written your first draft we will have two one-to-one coaching sessions to develop the draft and work out steps for taking the speech to the next stage.

Speech Delivery Training

If you already have a speech that you are completely happy with but need help with perfecting your delivery, I will help you transform your written words into a confidently delivered speech. This package gives you up to two hours one-to-one training

The Full Wedding Speech Support Package

Don’t know where to begin? I help you research and develop material, create a structure, write and edit the speech. Once we have a draft you are happy with, we have personalised speech delivery training sessions and as many rehearsals as you need. In addition, I’ll give you tips for preparing for the big day, managing nerves and keeping all the wedding guests on side.

I am based in London. All coaching is one-to-one – in person or via Skype.

Prices begin at £250

The next step

Book your free telephone consultation on your speech via the contact form, get in touch via email or just give me a call. Together we will assess your needs and make a plan.


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phone – +44 7985919856


All coaching sessions are one-to-one, either in person or on Skype or FaceTime