More and more brides are coming out from behind the top table to make a speech at their wedding. After all, it’s your day, why not have your say? Why let the men have all the fun?

The reception will be one of the very few times that you have all your friends and relatives gathered in the same room. This is your chance to personally thank those who made it possible and tell your new husband how much you love him.

Because a bride’s speech is not a traditional part of the speech line-up, it also means that it is not weighed down with any expectation or straight-jacketed by custom. There are no rules; the speech will be what you make it.

I’ll help you make it all you want it to be.

Top tips

It is all about you!
All the other speakers will have kept one thing in mind: that the day belongs to you. The best way to repay their compliments is by being gracious.

Plan, prepare and practise
You will have a million things to do in the weeks leading up to the big day so make sure you set some time aside to think about what you want to say. Even if you only plan to “say a few quick words”, your ability to convey what you want to say will increase exponentially if you plan and rehearse your speech.

Find out what the other speakers are planning to say
There is most potential for over-lap with your husband’s speech, if he’s making one. Find out who he is planning to thank. Some thank yous might be better coming from you.

Thank your father
Your father will probably have dedicated most of his speech to you. He will already be the proudest man alive; make him even prouder by articulating how grateful you are for his and your family’s support.

Thank your bridesmaids
Tell a story which illustrates what good friends they have been to you.

Behind the scenes
No one has lived the run-up to the wedding as you have. People love to hear about what has happened behind the scenes; it’s also a good opportunity to thank all those who made it possible

Keep it short and sweet
When there are more than three speeches it is all the more important to be concise. The shorter the speech, the greater the impact it will have

Talk about the boy
The audience want to hear how you were bowled over by your new husband, and what he means to you.

Enjoy it!
Rather than being another thing to get stressed about, your speech should be the crowning moment of your day. Especially as you don’t have to say anything; remember to enjoy the chance to speak to in front of nearest and dearest.

The next step

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