In the sequence of wedding speeches, the good news is that the pressure is off; you’re the warm-up man. But your speech matters because of who you are. There are a few things that need to be said, and they need to be said by you.

I can help you find those well-chosen words that will melt your daughter’s and the audience’s heart, and set the tone of the speeches to come.

Top tips

It’s not about you
The focus of your speech is your relationship with your daughter, but most importantly, it is about her.

Speak for the whole family
While the key relationship you are talking about in your speech is the one between you and your daughter, you are also acting as spokesman for the family and especially her mother. Unless she is making a speech too, consult with her to make sure you are articulating her thoughts as well as your own.

Be nice to the groom
  It’s not just the groom who will appreciate your speaking generously about him; this is recognition of your daughter’s judgement. What were your first impressions? When did you first think that he was going to be the man for her?

Welcome the groom’s family into the fold
The groom’s family don’t usually have the opportunity to speak, so make a point of making them feel a vital part of the day’s celebrations.

Think about how the bride has grown
What memories do you have from the day she was born? What stories can you tell about key moments in her life, when she first went to school, starred in a school play, or won a prize at university? Be aware however, that your speech should not become a list of all her achievements. Think about the things she has done that illustrate aspects of her personality. Look for the ironies of how her life has turned out. Did she fail her maths GCSE but become an accountant; was she terrified of heights but became a parachute instructor; was she a shy little girl, who ended up being a star sales person?

Words of wisdom
Advice is something that the wedding guests will expect from you. It can be serious or profound, random or just plain silly.

It’s all about love
The audience want to hear some funny stories about the bride growing up, but ultimately they want to hear you say how proud she has made you.



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