Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Speech Guru


Q: I’m really stressed. I have no idea where to begin my wedding speech. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely. The first thing we will do is give you a framework and a range of techniques for gathering material. We work together to develop the material into a finished speech. Very quickly you’ll see that the challenge is not finding enough to say but deciding what to cut out.



Q: Aren’t there lots of website with jokes I could use for a best man speech?

A: Of course, but a best man’s speech is your opportunity to share what you know and love about the groom with the wedding guests. It is not to prove you can copy and paste cheap jokes from the internet. Come on, you’re better than that!



Q:What’s different about Wedding Speech Guru compared to other wedding speech services?

A: Wedding Speech Guru is the only wedding speech service that combines expertise in material gathering, writing, editing and public speaking, with the skills of a life coach. This enables us to get to the heart of what it is you want to say and to tap into an inner confidence didn’t know you had.



Q: Can’t you just send me a speech?

A: Wedding Speech Guru is all about empowering people to work out what it is that they want to say, and how to say it, rather than providing off-the-shelf copy.



Q: Will you write my speech for me?

A: It’s important to remember that whether I write it or not, it’s a joint effort; any wedding speech must come from the person who is giving it. Even if I do the drafting the words will be yours.



Q: How does Wedding Speech Guru training work? 

A: Wedding Speech Guru’s training is personalised one-to-one coaching to ensure you are ready for the big day. In our initial free telephone consultation we’ll establish where you are in the speech writing process and agree which elements need attention. Once we have decided on a way forward, I will usually ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire. This will give me a more rounded understanding of what you want to say, and allow us to work on the details of the speech from the beginning of the first session.



Q: I’m really nervous about my speech. What can I do?

A: Even the most experienced public speakers feel nervous before an important speech, so it’s completely normal to be anxious. The first thing to know about nerves is that they are not necessarily a bad thing. Nerves can help you raise your game, and act as energy to enhance your natural ability rather than fear to limit it. The second thing is that if you have prepared and practised for your speech you will automatically be more confident. Click here for more tips on how to manage wedding speech nerves



Q: I already have an early draft of my speech but I’m not sure it works. Can you review it?

A: One of the services offered by Wedding Speech Guru is a speech review in which we look through the speech to see how it could be made stronger. We offer edits and suggestions for structure, flow and identify additional opportunities for humour.



Q: What if I already have a speech that I am pleased with, but am just not confident about public speaking?

A: We offer personalised speech delivery training to help you transform your written words into a confidently delivered speech. We focus on tempo, tone and emphasis, as well as posture and body language.



Q: Can we work together if I am based abroad? 

A: Absolutely. Many of Wedding Speech Guru’s clients are abroad, especially in North America. Meetings take place on Skype or FaceTime, as indeed with many clients who are based outside London.



Q: How much does it cost? 

A: Prices for one-to-one wedding speech coaching start from £150