The Groom’s Speech: Executive Decisions to be Taken

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In the lead up to the wedding, grooms often feel like presidential candidates in the middle of an election campaign. And the closer they get to the big day, the more under siege they feel from the never ending decisions that need to be taken: Are you going to hire a professional videographer or is your brother-in-law’s mate going to do it? Do you include decent wine in the free bar, or do you go to Mauritius on honeymoon?  Do you trust your friends to realise that when you say “no presents” on the invitation, you are being ironic?


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At least you don’t have to spend any time thinking about the speech. I mean, how difficult can it be to stand up and say a few thankyous?

Okay, so while your speech doesn’t carry such a weight of expectation as the best man’s, it does require some thought.

Of all the things you do in preparation for the wedding, nobody will recall if the invitation was printed on organic wove or linen with a coated wax finish. They won’t notice if bouquet ribbons are not colour-coordinated with the table cloths and napkins. But they will remember if you don’t properly prepare your speech.

No groom’s speech needs to be unduly complex. Your task is essentially to thank your family and friends for their support, and to pay tribute to your bride. Even if that sounds easy, who exactly are you going to thank? How can you thank everyone who needs to be thanked without your speech sounding like the shipping forecast? What can you say about your bride that will come close to doing her justice? Of all the decisions you have to make about your wedding day, these are some of the most important.

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Read some tips for making your groom’s speech.

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